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Equestrian Protective Wear

Equestrian Protective Wear will help to keep you more protected when riding your horse. Because accidents can happen in the blink of an eye while riding even the most bomb-proof horse, rider safety gear can diminish your chance of serious injury. Riding helmets reduce the damage of possible impact to the head. Helmets come in several styles from traditional black velvet to highly technical helmets made from premier shock absorption materials. Current ASTM, along with SEI certifications ensure proper standard. Safety vests help protect your upper torso in the event of a fall. Air vests are vests that attach to the saddle and automatically inflate when the cord is detached. Protective vests are especially encouraged for the young rider when schooling the jumping course. Because horses have good and bad days just as we do and the environment is continuously changing, riding safety gear can lessen your chance of injury when a fall from your mount happens.