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Sell on Equishopper
Sell on Equishopper
Sell on Equishopper

WANT TO REACH YOUR CUSTOMERS WHERE THEY LIVE & PLAY? ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. ANY DEVICE. is a unique shopping experience end to end for the modern equestrian with products from the industry’s best brands. We can help with powerful & effective brand content, optimal product display, shipping, handling returns, and even 3PL warehousing.


Vendor Acceptance:

Although it is in Equishopper's best interest to include as many brands and products as possible on our marketplace, Equishopper reserves the right to reject or suspend a product or vendor at any time if they violate one of our marketplace policies or do not meet minimum net margin contribution standards. Policies and standards apply to any vendor regardless of seller type including "just-in-time", "3PL" or "drop ship" vendors.

Policy and margin decisions are based on any of the following KEY points:

  • Warehouse Fulfillment Lead Time within the specified lead time of the vendor. Lead time of over 30 days for custom items will not be accepted.

  • Vendor Returns Policy Marketplace vendor must take back returns from customers either to their warehouse unless other arrangements are made with Equishopper in advance. Vendors must supply a clear Returns Policy Agreement prior to acceptance.

  • Payment Terms Vendors must provide a clear statement of their Payment Terms prior to Acceptance. Vendors on the Marketplace model are paid by Equishopper every 21 days, less any fees stated in the Marketplace Agreeement. Available for review by any qualified seller as part of the Marketplace Seller Agreement. Not publicly published.

  • Product Quality Issues

  • Shipping Dimensions or Weight of the Product that would incur DIM weight carrier oversize fees

  • Inhumane or dangerous or hazardous goods, ammunition and firearms

  • Exotic or wild animals

  • Goods produced through the use of child labor or from illegal origins

  • In accurate or incomplete product description data

  • Images that do not meet minimum pixels – 500 x 500

  • Images that display unsafe / inaccurate use of products

  • Images that are not considered family friendly

A general guideline shall be set-forth during the setup and onboarding process and should be clear to follow. Equishopper reserves all rights to remove or reject vendors that do not adhere to the Equishopper Community Guidelines.